Dear Friends:

On behalf of SANTRO, we welcome you to become a member of this organization. Please select your choice of membership: active member, emeritus member, or associate member, and pay the fee accordingly.

Please see the bylaws for detailed qualifications of each member categories. The benefits of a full member shall include (not limited by) the following:

1). Access to all resources of the organization.

2). Attending SANTRO sponsored Meetings/Symposiums at a discounted rate.

3). Possibility of becoming a SANTRO scholar, as defined by the Bylaws, who may be invited to give lectures or to participate in training program sponsored by SANTRO.

4). Voting on all matters submitted to a vote of the membership.

5).Being a candidate for elective officers, and being appointed to all committees or Board of Directors of the Organization.

If you wish to take a more active role in this organization such as to be a committee member or an elected officer, the opportunities are ample. Please confirm the committees of your top interest (scientific committee, educational committee, Clinical Trial Committee, Membership, Scholar Exchange, Website and Public Relationship). Please check out the SANTRO mission/vision statements on, and send a brief statement describing your strength and plan of action. Your contribution and participation will be greatly appreciated.

We are looking forward to working with you in the future for this exciting venture.

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